Brittany Carter

An Impassioned Writer

I am a Niagara-based writer with a longstanding interest in positivity, good vibes and working through life's struggles.

I was previously employed as the lead feature writer for The Lake Report. In that role I was in constant awe of the lives of the many incredible people who live in town. Though bad news is a fact of life, and as a journalist I have seen more than my fair share, there are always uplifting stories to pull you through.

I’ve built an extensive portfolio and worked toward becoming a leading voice in local journalism.

I am passionate about telling my stories and the stories of others. 

A Spirited Photographer

I find beauty in some of the most mundane moments.

Photography always intrigued me but I never seemed find the time to squeeze it into my day to day.

After leaping into a new career, which made me dust off my old Nikon, that spark was ignited and I've rediscovered my love for capturing seemingly simple moments.

While images of nature inspire, it's the candid shots of people that truly captivates me.