a favour

Can you

if I ask

would you

if I begged

just tell me to let it all go

I need you to dish out that tough love

but don’t you dare

call it love

I need you to do me

this one favour

and break my heart

just enough

so I can move on

and past it

get on with my life

because I’m grasping at straws

and picking up

every tiny crumb

you leave

without knowing

or knowing

and it’s making me crazy

I swear

this isn’t me

Can you


if I asked

would you

just tell me to let it go

and leave you alone

walk away

don’t look back

break my heart

But do it quick

because I’m sinking

and falling


and I don’t think


will be able to pull me out

after this

Break me

for me

I want to put myself back together

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