A new year

I often get caught up in other people’s dreams. It is their passion and drive pulling me in and by the time I realize what I’m doing I’m half invested in their goals and aspirations while my own lay crumpled in half-started drafts on my floor.

I have this desire to butt in. The skills and tidbits on branding and marketing and social media engagement I've researched over the years have little place in my own life goals right now, so I seek to offer my experience to others. Their dreams have legs, and they will go the distance. They will do this without me, without my intervention and meddling. I know that.

But part of me keeps wanting to stick my hand in to offer un-asked for help.

This year I’m refocusing on my goals. I’m taking a step back from falling into the gravitational pull of other people’s futures, taking the time to plot my own.

Yes, I love yoga and meditation and will continue my daily practice for my own personal benefit, but I have to realize that a career and a life in that field isn’t exactly where I’m headed. It’s hard not to get swirled up in the excitement of someone so passionate about their goals, but I need to remember my own. I watch as each of my friends create a life and a business and a vocation of their own. Diving into their own interests, they are building something incredible for themselves. Whether business or career or artistic endeavours, they are all working for their future goals.

And right now, I need to work toward my own. My own goal needs some structure and plotting and devout focus to get anywhere tangible. While I won’t call it a new year’s resolution, I will begin this new year with the intention of completing my first draft.

This project had so many false starts it was beginning to feel overwhelming and impossible. So many unfocused bits and chaotic storylines litter my laptop files it is near impossible to sort through it all.

Now, I’m starting from scratch with fresh intention and an outline to move forward with. I’m ready to take this goal from a someday dream to a definite work in progress. It will take time and I know I will become overwhelmed and frustrated and self-conscious and angry before it is finished but I’m willing to work through it all. This is a dream I’ve had my whole life and now I know exactly where it is headed. I will finish my first draft by the end of 2021.

I won’t go into details right now about what I’m writing. That is for me alone until something more certain comes from this endeavour. But I will say it is deeply personal and something I’ve been working through in my mind for the last several years.

So, no new year, new me. But definitely a new outlook on where I plan to be by the end of this year.

What are your goals this year? Do you hope to take on something huge, or continue through with your current dreams? Do you have a plan or a set of steps in mind?

The whole idea of a fresh new start is always so inspiring and exciting. I’m so ready to move forward with all the crazy and unexpected things life has thrown at me, to move into this next chapter with as much confidence and dedication as I can muster.

Wishing you all a happy new year and a bright new start on your own journeys!



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