Is it okay to admit I'm blissfully soaking up this isolation?

Have you taken a moment to really absorb what’s going on right now? Not just the state of the world, but what you’re experiencing personally during these unprecedented times?

While there are so many topics swimming around my head, dying to find their way to text, the most pertinent place to start is the mandated social distancing caused by the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

I’ve taken it as an opportunity for emotional and mental clarity. It’s enormous and shocking, what’s happening around the world right now. The sheer idea of a worldwide pandemic sweeping the globe is almost too large to fully grasp, honestly.

But when we step away from the fear while choosing to look deeper there’s some beauty in the silence. In isolation we can almost appreciate how this has given so many of us the chance to reconnect. I am currently in my own personal heaven.

Though many days can drag on with an eerie sense of foreboding hanging over every move I make, others are free, creative, active and full. A natural homebody at heart, I have found more time to devour the books I kept putting aside for more pressing daily chores, pre-lockdown. And as an immediate result – the more I read the more I write. Words and concepts flow freely, and even better, I have the time to let them out.

My days are for spending time with my girls, keeping them busy and happy through their practical house-arrest while explaining to them exactly what is going on around the world, and why they can’t go outside to play with their friends. And while it’s difficult for them to totally understand they’re handling it with surprising grace, for now.

I spend afternoons drinking too much coffee and working through short case studies and math problems in an attempt to keep their minds from turning to complete mush. We fill the rest of our days with goofy games, ridiculous conversations, too many video games and an unexpected amount of leisure. It’s been wonderful, honestly.

We have family dinners, we go for walks while keeping our distance from anyone we see on the street, and we just enjoy each other’s company. For the most part anyway. I obviously also lose my mind occasionally, (often) because constant contact with my crazy kids will undoubtedly do that.

Evenings are for writing, tea, and a never before sense of calm. There is no anxiety about getting enough sleep for the workday tomorrow, there’s no stress to hit deadlines and I’m not preoccupied thinking about everything I need to accomplish this week. I’m here, now, living in this moment.

I haven’t resigned myself to Netflix and given into the ease that comes with laziness, for the most part. Obviously, that can’t be said for every day because I can’t resist a full day of movie marathons and TV binges. Throughout a lot of this though, I’ve been working on myself and spending time with the family. Honestly, I’m enchanted by the thought of maintaining this freedom just a little longer.

I understand not everyone may have this chance to reset and reconnect, and there are an incredible amount of people working hard to keep our world spinning – I am overwhelmingly grateful for all of you. It’s because of you that the rest of us are able to stay home.

And though I am happy for this time, I will be even more elated when it finally comes to an end, however long it will take.

But while we’re here, doing all we can to stop the spread of this virus so our lives can return to normal, maybe we can leave the guilt behind and grant ourselves permission to give in to the moment and just be. I know that’s what I’ll be doing until dust begins to settle.

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