What are you waiting for?

There will always be an excuse not to do the things you should; the things that set your life on fire, set your journey in motion. The fear will hold you back.

You’ll tell yourself it’s not the time, just one more obstacle to overcome before you begin. You’ll convince yourself you’re not ready and you’ll argue and remind yourself how tough it will be. And you won’t be wrong, it will be tough. It will be one of the most difficult things you’ll do. But until you do it, you’ll only ever be able to guess. That overcoming will set you free.

Moving toward where you know you should be and pushing through the doors you once believed to be walls in your path will feel incredible.

And you’ll grow.

But don’t be foolish to think the journey will be easy. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Take stock of your life. Think hard about your goals, those wild goals you never thought you would be able to achieve. Those fabulous dreams of pursuing your passion. What is your passion? Narrow that down and run with it.

Set small, medium and large goals. Meet those goals.

What do you want to do? Are you looking to start a new career? Are you trying to launch a home business? Are you working toward a personal change like quitting smoking or drinking? Are you trying to make time for health and fitness in your life?

Whatever it is that’s been quietly nagging at the back of your mind while you’ve been slowly snuffing it out with your own self-doubt and insecurity, name it.

Now own it.

Reach your goals on your time, but don’t give up on them. Baby steps is all it takes, slowly start the forward momentum of pushing yourself to your ideal life. Is this beginning to sound like something you’ve heard before?

It is. Because it works.

Make yourself a priority. No matter what is standing in your way, slowly take the time to acknowledge it and then work toward removing it. Do the work. Positivity isn’t a forced and faked happiness, it’s a very real mentality of seeing the good in the darkness. Because there is good in darkness, no matter how dark. There is a way through, and you can only reach it by facing it.

What do you need to get there? Ask for help. But above all don’t break promises to yourself. If you can’t trust yourself it will be incredibly tough to rebuild that self-loyalty. And that will be important moving forward. No matter how many people you have on your side no one can do the work for you. They can guide, support, motivate you. They can listen when it’s difficult and offer a shoulder when it becomes unbearable. But no one can accomplish your goals but you.

Start now. Don’t wait for the first of next month, or after your next party, or after the holidays.

There will always be another month, another party, another holiday. Stop making excuses, now is your time. There will always be an excuse not to do the things you know you should.

Move with the season; the leaves are changing, the world is moving on. Choose yourself now, start to set your life and your journey on fire.

Your future self is going to thank you.

- Brittany

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