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Five Questions to Ask a Graphic Designer Before Working Together

Are you thinking about hiring a graphic designer to work on a project or branding element for your business but you’re hesitant or not sure where to start? Ask the right questions before you take the leap to be sure you’re working with someone who not only understands your values and creative vision, but also to ensure they are a good fit for you and someone you would be happy doing business with.

A free consultation will help both you and the graphic designer determine whether this is a project you would both be comfortable working on together.

Keep in mind the following questions to ask during your free consultation:

What is your design process?

Every graphic designer’s process is different. Knowing how they plan to work on your project will help you determine if they are a good fit for your working style. Will they begin with sketches or wireframes? Do they involve the client in the design process or work independently? Knowing their process will give you insight into their work style and help you understand how involved you'll be every step of the way.

What is your design style?

As each designer has their own unique style, it's important to ensure their style aligns with your vision for your project. Ask your designer to show you examples of their work or a portfolio. This will give you a good sense of their aesthetic and whether it's a good fit for your project.

What are your rates and timeline?

Knowing your designer's rates and timeline is crucial for planning and budgeting your project. Ask them for a breakdown of their rates and any extra charges that may arise. How long would they expect the project to take? Make sure you’re aware of whether they are charging per project, or a standard hourly rate. This will help you determine if it's a good fit for your budget and timeline.

What is your experience with similar projects?

It's helpful to work with a designer who has experience with similar projects. Ask if they have worked on projects similar to yours. If they haven’t, you can ask how their relevant experience would translate to the scope of your project. Their answer to this should give you confidence in their graphic design skills and the ability for them to deliver a successful project.

How do you handle revisions and feedback?

Revisions and feedback are an important part of the design process. What is your designer’s process for handling revisions and feedback. Are there a set number of revisions included in the base price with additional revisions incurring extra charges? Make sure you understand the expectations of both yourself as the client and y our graphic designer before deciding to work together.

A free consultation is a great opportunity to get to know your prospective graphic designer and make sure they would be a good fit for your project. By asking these five questions, you'll be able to get a better understanding of their process, style, rates, experience, and communication skills.

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